About Us

Our Staff: Dedicated and Caring

Dorothy Turek - Clinical Director
Dorothy Turek - Clinical Director
Fred Turek - Operations Director
Fred Turek - Operations Director
Curt Duncan - Lead Technologist
Curt Duncan - Lead Technologist
Nicole Dungan - Office Coordinator
Nicole Dungan - Office Coordinator
Bailey Speight - Administrative Assistant
Bailey Speight - Administrative Assistant

Our Facility: Patient Friendly, Open MRI Comfort and Quality at its Best

Our new ARIS II high performance open MRI system sets the highest standard for patient comfort and image quality. At Homosassa Open MRI, you will find our scanning room very tranquil and pleasing. A popular feature of our ARIS II scanner is the comfortably padded extra wide patient table. The easy access from all four sides provides a comfortable, non-claustrophobic environment. The scanning room has soothing background music for your enjoyment also. To ensure your comfort, we have a two-way intercom system which provides communication between our technologist and you.

Visiting our facilities, you will enjoy:

  • Clean, modern scanning room, administrative rooms, and waiting room
  • Highly trained, friendly staff
  • Spacious and comfortable MRI suite
  • Central Citrus County Florida location

When you need an MRI exam, come to Homosassa Open MRI where we make your comfort and exam quality top priority.

Homosassa Open MRI Statue Open MRI on the corner of Aquaduct and Ohio
Homosassa Open MRI Front Open MRI in Citrus County

Our Equipment: High Image Quality, Open Environment

The Hitachi ARIS II is the first truly open-design scanner to provide image quality comparable with high-field MR systems. The advanced Open-Air MRI uses a more powerful magnet than all the other "open-air" units. As a result, pictures of the inner body are clearer, with more detail, allowing doctors to diagnose medical conditions earlier and more accurately.

At Homosassa Open MRI, you will appreciate the award winning open gantry design of the AIRIS II system. The easy access from all four sides provides a comfortable, non-claustrophobic environment. The open design also accommodates anxious or large-framed individuals. Many procedures can be done with your head outside of the magnet.

With our equipment, you will enjoy:

  • Wide open-air design
  • More powerful magnet for better results
  • Clearer, more detailed photos
  • The latest technology for advanced diagnostic procedures and superb image quality
Aris II Open MRI Machine in use at Homosassa Open MRI
MRI Machine at Homosassa Open MRI
MRI equipment used at Homosassa Open MRI
X-Ray Services Offered at Homosassa Open MRI

Our Doctor: Mark J. Timken, MD

Board Certified Radiologist

Dr. Timken received both undergraduate and medical degrees from the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine in 1985 and 1989, respectively. He interned at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Michigan and was a resident at Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling, West Virginia and at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. He has also served on the Advisory Committee of the Ultrasound Diagnostic School in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Timken has given numerous presentations in the field of radiology and co-authored a publication in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.